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 "People cannot respond to what they do not know!"  L. Hext

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Church Office Manager
Empower Pastors & the People Doing the Ministry of Your Church

Provide an Efficient, Well-organized &
User-Friendly Church Office

by Louella Gleason Hext, Church Secretary/Administrator  lghext@yahoo.com 

Are you looking for a book to help you be more effective
and efficient in your church office?

Do you want to provide a more user-friendly church office?

Are you looking for ways to communicate more effectively?

Do you need some forms or checklists - but don't have time to create them?
There are a lot of them in the book.  View a list of the forms and checklists.

*  This book provides ideas and tools that will help you 
   become more efficient and effective in your church office -
   as you help the pastor and people in the church do their ministry. 

*  It will help stimulate your creative thinking
n ways to set up a well-organized and user-friendly church office!

This book is designed so that you can go directly to any chapter that interests you
    without having to read the previous chapters.

Introductory price for Book & CD: $25.00, 
(this includes
 SHIPPING - via USPS Priority Mail - (in the U.S. only)

Shipping outside  the United States will be determined by international postal rates. 


Chapters 1 & 2 are about the church office and the people working in the office.
Chapter 3 - Getting Ready to Make Changes
Chapter 4 - Communication is a Responsibility
     "People cannot respond to what they do not know" (L. Hext)

(Chapter 5 - Organize a User-Friendly Church Office
If you are a list maker - you will enjoy chapter five!  
It provides lists and ideas of what to put in your own "Desk Reference Manual", which will be a valuable source of information.  Besides being available as daily reference guide - your "Desk Reference Manual" can also be used as an orientation and training resource for new employees.   Everyone will find it very informative! 

Chapter 6-10 is the "how to..." section.  Topics will include 
*     Creating worship bulletins, newsletters,
*     Working with committees, 
*     How to get the office ready for volunteers and provide training for volunteers,
*     How to (easily) do an inventory of the contents of your church buildings.
      Click here to view "Inventory - How To" and sample of inventory form.

This book includes questionnaires  that help you evaluate your church office and your office staff.  The evaluations can be done by the church office workers and/or by church leaders. (chapter 1 & 2)

Appendix:  The appendix contains forms and checklists - approximately 30 pages.
View Appendix contents -  go to "Appendix" page.
View Table of Contents -   go to "
Table of Contents" page. 

CD:  A CD will be included in the purchase of this book. 
It will have all the items that are in the appendix of the book - plus more - such as job descriptions, personnel policies, brochure samples, etc.
View CD contents -  go to "CD" page.

This book is for:
People who are involved in the ministry of the church: 
     pastors, church office workers, personnel committee members
     and anyone who wants to help improve communication in their church.

My church office  manager/secretarial experience includes working with both small and large membership churches encompassing United Methodist (185 members), Presbyterian (295 members), and Southern Baptist denominations (including one that had over 1300 members). This experience covers a number of denominational polities and procedures as well as the variety of activities encountered in the different size churches.

Churches where I worked as secretary: Stewardship Baptist Church - Hayward, CA;
Parkdale Baptist Church - Corpus Christi, TX; First Presbyterian Church - La Grande, OR;
First United Methodist Church - Mansfield, PA.

Certified as a Professional United Methodist Church Secretary with the class of 2007;

Emory University -- Candler Theological Seminary (Atlanta, Georgia).  
Learn about Paumcs.  Professional Association of United Methodist Church Secretaries.

Church Office Workshops are being offered by Louella.

Learn some hands-on techniques and systems for working more
efficiently and effectively in your church office.

Website for Church Office Workshops and sample agenda:   Click here

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